Friday, April 2, 2010

The week after Spring Break ...

It's been a crazy one. One of our students had a pretty tragic spring break so it's been kind of a tough week back. Couple that with trying to get students used to school after a whole ten days off and their transition back to their old teacher as the main teacher ... I feel fairly ready for the weekend.

Despite all of that, this week really affirmed my love of my future/current (?) profession. I am absolutely where I need to be. I have one student who really exhausts me. It is hard to keep him on task and he tends to shout on in the middle of class (lately, it's been to tell me how much he loves me or what a great teacher I am so it is really hard to not smile). But I go to school every day confident that it will be a great day and every evening, I leave smiling.

I am so relieved it's the weekend, but I am so very excited to head into my last week in the first grade. It is going to be a sad one but I am really looking forward to it.