Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's been a long, long time ...

After a week off from my placement and a not-so-cute-Tuesday outfit, I finally put together something that was blog-worthy. Thursday, I was in my first grade placement all day and then drove straight to school for a reception for past and present student teachers.
I love the combination of blue and green together. (My husband took one of our cameras on vacation with him and the other has a dead battery and a missing charger so I'm on the phone until Tuesday.) But I popped a little coral with the bracelet. This may be an outfit you see again ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Very Sleepy Thursday...

Today, one of my first graders walked in the door and said "Mrs. M, the white on your top and gray on the bottom looks weird... I'm not sure why..." As I posted on my facebook, I am not sure what to think when a six year old critiques my fashion sense. Do I tell her my thinking? Do I ask what she would have done better? Should I just smile and nod? What do you think of my OOTD? (My blogger is being frustrating so I have the tights pictured before the outfit... Sorry!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My First Sub

Today, I experienced working with my very first substitute. It was a pleasant surprise that it just happened to be my supervisor's husband who has taught for many years in the district and retired just last year. It also made me a little more than nervous. My supervisor is basically the person who determines whether or not I get my teaching license. With that in mind, my best "teacher" behavior became my best-best teacher behavior.

So, the sub walked in and asked me if I wanted to take the reins and be lead teacher. THAT was fun! I'm always a little afraid to take over with my M.T. in the room because I don't want to step on toes. But once I got over the prevailing thought that if-I-mess-up-my-supervisor-will-find-out, I think I did okay. It was nice to be able to make announcements without feeling like I needed to ask first.

And the coolest thing happened after the sub taught a lesson that my M.T. had asked him to teach. Well, two cool things happened. One, the students came to me almost exclusively to ask questions. I really was The Teacher for the afternoon. And two, the sub taught the kids a lesson on writing personal narratives. When it was time to go to recess, one girl asked me if she could stay in to continue writing. I said that anyone that wanted to was welcome to stay in. Five or six kids stayed and wrote the whole time. They were so excited to write - they wanted to submit their writing to a publishing company. It was such a cool moment for me to see.

Anyways, here's the OOTD:

Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Nine West (not pictured; they came off as soon as I stepped through the door)
Necklace: Tiffany

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Very First Casual Friday

Today was a great day! Every summer, I get apprehensive not knowing what to expect when it comes to my jobs in the education world. But (almost) every year, it gets better. This year is no exception.

I spent today in my first grade placement. I had intended to go in until lunch (which is at 10:50) and then observe another teacher on her SmartBoard. However, I totally forgot to actually discuss what time to come down and was told to come back at 12:50. Actually awesome, because I was starting to feel sad about only being in elementary school for two days for the next three weeks. (I am DYYYYING to get into the classroom full time.) So I spent more time in front of the classroom, playing teacher.

I always surprise myself in first grade. I was terrified when I found out I would be in first grade. It has turned out to be totally awesome. They are funny and ready to listen and their adoring little faces make my day.

Since today was a Friday, I was allowed to wear jeans. At first, I thought I would go with trousers as usual. But the Anthro wide legs just weren't working today. So, my first casual Friday ever look....:

Shirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Madden Girl (similar style)
Necklace: Cookie Lee (similar style)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Jeans and Tennis Shoes Kind Of Day

Today's outfit was admittedly casual. I went in to observe my friend's classroom. She is a teacher in a classroom for kid's with behavior issues. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed the students and had a great day with my best friend. Plus, I got work done on the work sample so today is a success for me.

Good Morning!

More on that later...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Heart Was Beating As Fast As It Can Beat...

Today was a great day! I am so glad that I was with the 4th graders today. But it was also a day that made me very nervous.

You see, at the end of the day, I was reading to the students from the novel they are studying. Things were going smoothly when, suddenly, the principal walked in the room. She's a very nice lady - I feel very lucky to have her be my "principal" during my student teaching. But, the fact remains, I have never taught in front of her. We are supposed to invite our principals in a couple of times when we are full time teaching, but, for that, I can be prepared. This was unexpected. Even more unexpected was how nervous I got. My heart started beating really fast and I had trouble reading. I started asking the kids questions about their inferences in large part because I needed a moment to catch my breath. Ugh....

Apparently, though, she told my M.T. that I was doing a good job. Maybe it will be easier when I actually have to teach in front of the principal.

In other news, one of my 4th graders ended the day by saying, "Mrs. M., I really hope that you are a 5th grade teacher here next year." Melt my heart... I love kids!

Anyways, here's my outfit of the day. I have so much trouble styling this skirt. I need to take it to Anthro and try on every possibility there is. The real problem is in the winter, when I have to wear tights with it. Today, I wore my gray Herringbone tights, but I don't LOVE it. Any suggestions? (I included a close up of the pattern on the skirt and the tights and skirt together.)

Shirt: Target cheapie (I couldn't find it online in the navy blue I'm wearing but I love these shirts for basics)
Cardigan: Rubbish (I found this similar style online)
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Nine West

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Being A Grown Up

Last night, I prepped myself for today by packing a lunch, laying
out my clothes and getting things ready to make breakfast. It made for a wonderfully relaxed morning getting ready. I can tell that the husband and I are totally out of practice when it comes to being grown ups with real jobs and responsibilities (he had last week off too). When I left the house this morning, he groggily lifted his head off the bed and asked, "where are you going so early?!"

Anyways, today I decided to go in to my placement since we still have another day off from school. It was fun to see things from Monday's perspective. One of the boys walked up to me as soon as he saw me and said, "Mrs. M., it's a Monday! Why are you here?" Oh, to be nine... The kids had just as much trouble as we did adjusting to a schedule. Many of them told me around 11am that they would have just woken up if they were still on break.

I led a few activities today, which was fun, but I spent more time observing. This was totally fine with me, as it took me a little while to get comfortable again and my feet were killing me, having been used to Uggs for the last two weeks. I did, however, finally get my email set up. I felt terrible when I realized that I should have done it in October. It feels good to have something off the checklist.

Now, because I am sore from the laziness of my break, I think it is time to work out. But first, my outfit of the day: (I'm still trying to figure out the timer on my camera and how to pose for forgive the terribleness of the pictures; also forgive the stack of papers next to me on the table... That's all for the work sample)

Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad
Shirt: Anthropologie (Fall '09) and Target cheapie
Shoes: Madden Girl (I couldn't find the color online but I LOVE this purple color)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Work Sample: The Roller Coaster Begins

So today, I haven't changed out of this:
(Actually, I changed out of my pajamas and into this after my work out this morning.)

The reason for this is today was all about the work sample. For those of you not in-the-student-teaching-know, the work sample is the dreaded final project that all teaching candidates must finish before they can get their license.

In means designing an 8-10 lesson unit on a topic. My topic is Animals in Winter, so I have to design a unit based around the behaviors that animals exhibit when preparing for winter. I have to find benchmarks that align with the lessons I have designed and describe ways that the lessons meet my goals and the benchmarks. I say have to, but the truth is, it's actually nerdily fun.

I am really enjoying putting together lessons. I hope my students like them. By the end of the unit, my students will have put together a book about hibernation, migration, hunting and gathering. They will also have made up and recorded a song to help them remember the different preparations for winter. I am still trying to design a final lesson, but I get really excited thinking about teaching this.

After about four hours of work today, though, I have decided it is time to pack up my materials for the night and settle in for a movie with the husband. I am tired of staring at my computer screen - the words are starting to blur together.

On a side note, I am excited about the turn my OOTD posts will take soon. My mom gave me a tri-pod for Christmas and I am on the internet search for a remote that works with my camera. I will finally be able to get a head-to-toe shot all by myself. Yay!