Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My "Ted Mosby" Moment

First things first, I decided to turn this blog into a styles of a student teacher blog, starting today. Unfortunately, my outfit today is kind of uninspiring, but here goes...

Anyways, I have a lot of little stories today from student teaching.

My first task of the day was to write a topic sentence on the board for the students to write about. I stood at the front of the class, pen in hand and carefully wrote "Topic Senten..." and couldn't think of how to finish the word "sentence". I so felt like Ted Mosby in the episode of How I Met Your Mother, when, on his first day of professorship, he cannot figure out how to spell "professor." After a few beats in which I felt certain that every student was shaking their heads at my stupidness, I finished the word and prayed that I spelled it the right way.

That was the start of my up and down day. Students had to do a book chat about their favorite books today and during the middle of one student's speech, my mentor teacher got a call from the office asking for some information. My M.T. had to write a note so she let the kids chat. Their noise level kept rising and I had a nagging feeling that I should step in. I hesitated though and then I felt like a bad student teacher. Isn't that why I am there? To be able to stand in during moments like that? Ugh...

The day got better as I did more around the classroom. I successful read to the kids and transitioned them, which is definitely my weak point in teaching. They actually walked quietly to their desks and got started on their next project. I was also able to keep them on task, which made me feel better about earlier in the day.

Tomorrow I am going in for the last two and a half hours of the day for Grandparents Day and to help get my first graders to the bus. It will be fun to see them on a day I don't normally, but what to wear....

My principal does this thing at the end of staff meetings called Kid Kicks. I think they are super cute so I will leave you with a kid kick:

During one student's book chat, in which she reviewed "Al Capone Does My Shirts", she dressed in prisoner's garb, right down to the ball and chain around her ankle. As she walked to the front of the room, one of our students exclaimed, "If you had a beard, you'd be me in 30 years."

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