Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Student Teaching on a Wednesday?!

Today, I went into my placement after school for Grandparent's Day. This is a tradition I totally want to have in my own classroom someday.

Some of the grandparents were already there when I walked in and some arrived later. Students interviewed their grandparents - or the grandparents of their classmates if theirs didn't come. Then they did some Thanksgiving day activities together. It was really fun getting to know my students' grandparents. One grandparent was very excited to show me his Pilgrim with a mullet. Another grandparent brought in his guide dog and I found out that I have something in common with that student - she has two Uncle Dans, who just happen to be related in the same way that my two Uncle Dans are.

Then I went down to the tech lab to take the 1st graders to their buses. I walked in and received a million "Miss Mevis!!!!"'s. One girl looked up at me and said, "you are really pretty." (Unfortunately, I changed out of my outfit before I took a picture this afternoon so you will have to trust her word.) That totally made my day.

I really enjoyed my two and a half hours in the classroom today! I feel so lucky to have such great mentor teachers and such great students!

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