Thursday, December 3, 2009

Showing My True Colors

First, my outfit of the day...
Last night, I said good night to my mom with a "I better go to bed so I have energy for my squirmy little first graders" with a chuckle. I have the best first graders in the whole world... they are the opposite of squirmy.
...Except for today. With the Civil War tonight and Winter Break rapidly approaching, the kids were very... rambunctous. I felt like there was a constant undercurrent of "Beavers!" "Ducks!"
and general excitement.
Nonetheless, I felt more like an actual teacher than I've ever felt before since student teaching. I had a lot more independent time with the kids- between reading and leading math with them and taking them out to the bus.
I feel like I am really hard on myself though. I always walk away form a lesson and think about the things I could have done better and how, the fact that I didn't think of that during the lesson means that I will fail as a teacher. Today, I was doing math with the students and realized that I didn't really count the tally marks with them... I STILL feel bad about it and I have to learn to stop doing that.
Despite that, this week has been really fun at the placements... Which is much needed because school wise, this week has been so HARD!

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