Thursday, December 17, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is A Tri-pod and a Remote for My Camera (or Feel Good Thursday!)

I love that I turned this into a fashion blog (and I love how skinny I look today) but I think I really need to do something about the self-shot thing. I'm pretty sure that if I really want to be a fashion blogger, I am going to need to invest in a tri-pod and remote. Anyways, enough on the fashion subject...

Today was a great day in my short little life! I spent a very large part of the day teaching -which was both a blessing and a challenge. I LOVE teaching. I love being able to step in and be a teacher. I love ringing the chimes to get everyone's attention. I love it! However, the day before the last day of school before winter break = so hard to manage a class of first graders. I am lucky because I work with a great group of first graders and an awesome mentor teacher who has set a fantastic classroom. But I had quite a few moments of "okay, boys and girls, let's do a check of our bodies" while we worked, read and walked in line. I think that is partly having someone else in charge and partly the excitement of the impending break. So that was a little bit of a struggle - not unmanagable.

One thing I noticed today, while on playground duty, was the children throwing balls at each other's heads. Our students line up in groups of two classes so I had a little chat with the students who were in my two rows. I hope that fixed it but I guess I'll find out that first Monday in January.

I was also really lucky today to get a few little holiday goodies. One of my students gave me a card telling me that she hopes I get to work at her school next year (I am pretty sure I am going to photo copy that one during my screening interview...) and another gave me a homemade ornament. I received a surprise card from a teacher who went through the MAT program a few years before. It was such a nice way to start my winter break. I cannot wait to have a little bit of a break (meaning this weekend... Next week, it's onto the first work sample). More than that, though, I can't wait to be in my placement full time! I am so lucky!


  1. I like this one. It's flattering and I think it's my favorite that you've posted so far.