Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's your last day?!

Sorry about the weird angle on this one. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to have a husband at home to take my pictures and sometimes, I have to use my reflection.

Anyways, today, was a fun day. This morning, while I greeted the students, one of the girls said, "Mrs. M, this is the last time I will see you this year" which spurred one of the boys to exclaim, "we're not going to see you anymore?!" So, after the pledge of allegiance, I explained to the kids that through January, my schedule would be the same. I looked over and one of my students was doing the fist pump "yesssss" thing - totally made my day.

After I lead the students in their language arts, we went to a presentation by OMSI. There we made slime and flubber - both were so cool and the kids loved it! One of the boys was covered in slime by the time we were ready to move on. I walked over and asked him what was going on. His reply: "I don't know but who the heck trusted me with this?!" He's such a funny kid!

Not much else happened today. I cannot wait to be in the classroom full time, although I feel sad because that means I won't be in one grade for three months. I can't wait to get better at what I'm doing - I already feel much more confident than when I first started.

Now, I'm off to relax some more - yay for being done with everything!

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