Saturday, January 2, 2010

Work Sample: The Roller Coaster Begins

So today, I haven't changed out of this:
(Actually, I changed out of my pajamas and into this after my work out this morning.)

The reason for this is today was all about the work sample. For those of you not in-the-student-teaching-know, the work sample is the dreaded final project that all teaching candidates must finish before they can get their license.

In means designing an 8-10 lesson unit on a topic. My topic is Animals in Winter, so I have to design a unit based around the behaviors that animals exhibit when preparing for winter. I have to find benchmarks that align with the lessons I have designed and describe ways that the lessons meet my goals and the benchmarks. I say have to, but the truth is, it's actually nerdily fun.

I am really enjoying putting together lessons. I hope my students like them. By the end of the unit, my students will have put together a book about hibernation, migration, hunting and gathering. They will also have made up and recorded a song to help them remember the different preparations for winter. I am still trying to design a final lesson, but I get really excited thinking about teaching this.

After about four hours of work today, though, I have decided it is time to pack up my materials for the night and settle in for a movie with the husband. I am tired of staring at my computer screen - the words are starting to blur together.

On a side note, I am excited about the turn my OOTD posts will take soon. My mom gave me a tri-pod for Christmas and I am on the internet search for a remote that works with my camera. I will finally be able to get a head-to-toe shot all by myself. Yay!

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