Friday, February 12, 2010

My Students Rock!

Today was my first real attempt at casual Friday. I wore my school shirt (with the letters blurred out) and a pink sweater, my nod to the Valentine's Day party. Here's my outfit of the day:

One of the student's moms told me that her daughter, who I guess has never really cared much about clothes, comments every day on my outfits when she gets home. That was exciting to hear. Even if it's bad, it makes an impression.

Anyways, today my kids were total rock stars! We have been working on making quiet transitions - to our desks, in line, while we wait on the carpet. So I started a point system where, as a class, they get a piece of a picture. When the picture is done, they get 10 extra minutes of recess. Today was the craziest day - lots of changes in schedule, a party and an assembly. They were quieter than the older students. They were quieter than the other classes. They were loud when it was a good time to be loud. I just think they are the best.

I got some great Valentines - including one that told me my future students are very lucky to have me as a teacher. I left feeling so energized and ready to come back on Tuesday!

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