Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Catch-Up

Today, my MT took a personal day so, even though I am not technically solo teaching just yet, I took over for almost the entire day. (I had the sub do read alouds so she didn't have to just sit all day.) For the most part, it was a smooth day. There were three kids that cried - higher than the normal number, but with a missing teacher, emotions are high.

I had one child who, when I told him he needed to clean up his work space and line up for recess, looked at me straight - faced and said, "you're the boss". (Have I mentioned that this is the best job in the whole wide world?!)

All in all, not a bad week for my first full time week. Next week is the doozy that I have to get through. Next Monday, I have the principal coming in to observe me teach. Wednesday, I have my supervisor coming in. I am already starting to feel sick with anxiety. Hopefully, tomorrow's bootcamp for Haiti will work off some of the jitters.

Here are my OOTDs for the week. As I said, my Monday and Wednesday outfits were pretty uninspired so I didn't take pictures. What I wore Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were much better. Here goes:

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