Friday, January 8, 2010

My Very First Casual Friday

Today was a great day! Every summer, I get apprehensive not knowing what to expect when it comes to my jobs in the education world. But (almost) every year, it gets better. This year is no exception.

I spent today in my first grade placement. I had intended to go in until lunch (which is at 10:50) and then observe another teacher on her SmartBoard. However, I totally forgot to actually discuss what time to come down and was told to come back at 12:50. Actually awesome, because I was starting to feel sad about only being in elementary school for two days for the next three weeks. (I am DYYYYING to get into the classroom full time.) So I spent more time in front of the classroom, playing teacher.

I always surprise myself in first grade. I was terrified when I found out I would be in first grade. It has turned out to be totally awesome. They are funny and ready to listen and their adoring little faces make my day.

Since today was a Friday, I was allowed to wear jeans. At first, I thought I would go with trousers as usual. But the Anthro wide legs just weren't working today. So, my first casual Friday ever look....:

Shirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Madden Girl (similar style)
Necklace: Cookie Lee (similar style)

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