Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Being A Grown Up

Last night, I prepped myself for today by packing a lunch, laying
out my clothes and getting things ready to make breakfast. It made for a wonderfully relaxed morning getting ready. I can tell that the husband and I are totally out of practice when it comes to being grown ups with real jobs and responsibilities (he had last week off too). When I left the house this morning, he groggily lifted his head off the bed and asked, "where are you going so early?!"

Anyways, today I decided to go in to my placement since we still have another day off from school. It was fun to see things from Monday's perspective. One of the boys walked up to me as soon as he saw me and said, "Mrs. M., it's a Monday! Why are you here?" Oh, to be nine... The kids had just as much trouble as we did adjusting to a schedule. Many of them told me around 11am that they would have just woken up if they were still on break.

I led a few activities today, which was fun, but I spent more time observing. This was totally fine with me, as it took me a little while to get comfortable again and my feet were killing me, having been used to Uggs for the last two weeks. I did, however, finally get my email set up. I felt terrible when I realized that I should have done it in October. It feels good to have something off the checklist.

Now, because I am sore from the laziness of my break, I think it is time to work out. But first, my outfit of the day: (I'm still trying to figure out the timer on my camera and how to pose for forgive the terribleness of the pictures; also forgive the stack of papers next to me on the table... That's all for the work sample)

Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad
Shirt: Anthropologie (Fall '09) and Target cheapie
Shoes: Madden Girl (I couldn't find the color online but I LOVE this purple color)


  1. Love those shoes! Can you start listing what all you're wearing and where it's from?

  2. I like the shoes too--way cute!